Monday, August 08, 2005

Author Profile: Count Dooku

Character Name: Count Dooku
"Real" Name: Nick Burridge
Age: 16
Gender: M
Global Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Day Job: Student/Computer technician

Q1: What made you decide to start a blog like this?
After reading the "Darthside blog", and later picking up on Master Yoda's blog, I pointed them out to a friend of mine, who started his own (this became the second Jar Jar blog). I was originally the HTML editor for this Jar Jar blog, but was talked into starting my own by the writer.

Q2: Why did you choose your particular character?
In my opinion, Dooku wasn't done justice in Episode II and III. They had created a powerful, intriguing character - Qui-Gon's former master, no less - and killed him off at the start of Episode III. The over-cultured, pompous Dooku came from comments that I sound British, which was expanded on by my friend Chris, the Jar Jar writer. And so, this important character with little screen time was given an upper-class British accent and a top hat.

Q3: Where do you get ideas?
Mainly from other blogs - something mentioned in passing I'll seize upon and developed further.
I also read a lot of fan fiction, and draw ideas from those.

Q4: Any blogging tips and tricks?
Give your character a voice. Keep that voice consistant. And be funny.

Q5: Where do you find pictures for use on your blog?
I make them, in Photoshop and 3DS Max. Google image search is your friend - photo blendings and manipulations can be a great addition to a post.

Q6: What's the last book your character read?
"My Big Bald Shiny Head" by Mace Windu. He has trouble coping with baldness.

Q7: What's the last book you read?
"Rainbow Six" by Tom Clancy.
Favourite authors: David Eddings, Patrick Robinson

Q8: Other hobbies/interests?
I'm hugely into filmmaking, and the accompanying writing, visual effects, etc... I'm studying subjects to that end, and am set on a Film and TV degree at university.

Q9: Other blogs you work on?
Nope. But watch this space.


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