Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Author Profile: Jar Jar Binks

"Real" Name: Chris Hayward
Age: 16
Gender: M
Global Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Day Job: Student, lab assistant (North Shore hospital surgical pathology dept)

Q1: What made you decide to start a blog like this?
I get a mention in Count Dooku's author profile as well, which explains some of this – but here it is again so you don't have to go and look. Well, I was inspired (as were many) by The Darth Side, Master Yoda's Blog, and Padawan Training (Obi-Wan Kenobi). And I just love to write – comedy is my thing, and I supposedly have a talent for creativity.

Q2: Why did you choose your particular character?
Ah, where to begin? Jar Jar Binks is my favourite character in Star Wars. It upsets me immensely that at least six out of every ten Jar Jar websites are devoted to his persecution. I wanted to give the poor guy some good press for once. And, since he's practically a nonentity in Episodes II and III (damn you, Lucas), particularly III, he's a familiar character but has a lot of scope for development. And of course, if you can write convincingly as a character with a pronounced accent or mannerism (Yoda and Jar Jar are the two best examples that come to mind), you're on your way to comedy already.

Q3: Where do you get ideas?
Ideas? Umm… I'll have some by this afternoon, I promise! All writers are asked this question at least once, and very few have a satisfactory answer (because this business isn't as easy as it looks). I am no exception. Actually, my general schedule is to lapse into a coma during Maths and let my mind wander throughout the Star Wars universe until it collides with something funny.

Q4: Any blogging tips and tricks?
Have some idea what you're going to write tomorrow. If you just stick to today's post, you risk being hit by writer’s block the next day. This isn't a hard-and-fast rule, though; just something that helps if you have time. This applies particularly when writing story-arcs, or epics – tales that take several posts to tell.
Also, one of the biggest problems that people have with blogging is lack of comments. It makes everything seem somewhat pointless. The best tip I can offer to get a response out of your readers and prove to you that they exist is to conclude your post with a question. As simple as that. Without the technical expertise to set up an online poll, I find that this is the best method I can draw upon for getting feedback. And you should also try and make comments yourself, if you have time. Firstly, you'd be surprised how many people will follow the links back to your blog. And secondly, if you want to get comments on your blog, it's only fair that you give others the same courtesy.

Q5: Where do you find pictures for use on your blog?
Eh… I don't. I'm not techno-savvy enough to paste them into my posts.

Q6: What's the last book your character read?
Well, to be quite honest with you, I'm not entirely sure that Jar Jar can read.

Q7: What's the last book you read?
An interesting question. I think the answer would be The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams, but that's for an English assignment. The last good book I read was The Opal Deception, by Eoin Colfer (no, I can't pronounce it either), who is a very good author – made famous by the Artemis Fowl series (of which this is the fourth), but I would also recommend an unrelated novel of his called The Wish List.

Q8: Other hobbies/interests?
Hobbies? Interests? I have no time for such frivolity; I have blog posts to write! Well, I suppose scriptwriting (and occasionally being roped into acting) for Nick/Dooku's short films might count as a hobby, at a stretch. My favourite subjects at school are Latin and Chemistry. And I've also subscribed at Dilbert.com to get a free Dilbert comic in my e-mail every day. That stops me from going over the edge, my friends, so be thankful for it.

Q9: Other blogs you work on?
I have a second Star Wars blog – Yarael Poof, the Jedi Council Master with the big long neck and little round head. I've revamped him with a Jamaican accent and given him voodoo expertise, for flavour.
I also worked on Survivor: Tatooine until Jar Jar was voted off the planet – it's a great game.
I’ve also considered starting up an out-of-character blog for miscellaneous philosophical discussion (something else that you could call a hobby of mine) and perhaps political rambling, but this is no more than a vague idea right now.

As of 12 January 2006, I no longer write on Jar Jar's or Yarael's blogs. However, I am now running a "successor" to Survivor, Big Brother: Naboo.


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