Thursday, September 29, 2005

From Qui-Gon's Blog : Cleaning Sux0rz

You know, when we, like, came here to live with Ben, I thought that it would be like the old times. Me and Obi-Wan watching some Scoob, eating some brownies, and like, meditating together. I was, like, way wrong.
Obi can't even see me, so needless to say, all that sappy 'good old times' stuff, like, never happened. It's been more of all-night wrestling on the holovid, while eating cheetos and drinking beer. The worst thing is that, like, Ben has taken a shining to JawaJuice. He's become Ben's 'Beer Buddy,' meaning JJ has to get Ben beer when he asks, but he entitles JJ to as much beer as he can chug. After a few nights, instead of JJ helping me communicate with my former Padawan, he was sitting beside Obi, on the couch, Cheetos in one hand, a beer in the other, rooting for Rowdy Rodian Piper.


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