Monday, October 17, 2005

From Qui-Gon's Blog : Braving the Mall

We needed some, like, new clothes. Me and JJ were without our swingin' bachelor pad and the majority of our stuff was covered in an orange haze after spending time at Obi-Wan's. So we went to the best place to get overcharged for shoddy merchandise, the Coruscant Western-Northern Mall.
It was Go'Oorchuk's Day, so there were all these crazy sales. Nothing draws Jawa to a mall like sales. And, like, they weren't even good sales. It was like in the adverts "45% off Scratch and Melted Candles at Quark's Magic Wax Barn," "Save an additional 10% of 1 and 3/4 % of 15% on already discounted fashions by Snarvf at Snoots for Snivvians," and "Free Toothpick at Posh'n'Co with purchase of Dilithium Crystal jewellery (starting at only 2000 credits!)."
With the sales, the parking was crazy. We had this nice one, like, out front, but some jerk in this really posh BMW cruiser pulled in. JJ showed him what he though of him with one finger, and I caught the plates. 'PALPS.' Negative vibe merchant. We had to park in section QQQ4.
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