Wednesday, October 26, 2005

From Survivor Tatooine : Qui-Gon's "Yours and Mine"

The cave only held two figures, as opposed to the group that once dwelt there. The two mulled around, picking through the remains of the camp. There was a smouldering ring, where the nightly fire kept the team-mates warm and the predators away. In nearly every corner, there were small spots that resembled nests, light beds consisting of scraps of cloth and dewback hide. The cooling bot hummed from the back corner of the cave, with the small hamster wheel inside squeaking. The big screen holo-vid and the Toshy XXL-Box(R) were off. There were beer cans running up the side of one wall next to an etching of 'Ben was here.' Around the cans, there was an orange haze coating the floor. A single tarnished credit glimmered faintly in the setting suns of Tatooine shining through the entrance.
The spectre, Qui-Gon Jinn, floated around, head hanging low. His face was long and he sighed often.
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