Sunday, December 11, 2005

From Yarael Poof's Blog - Psychoanalysis: Part 1

"Okay," said Steve de Spider. "I wantcha to think about why you're here."
"Eh... because jah gang o' hired thugs knocked me out and-"
"No, not *here*, here, I mean here, like, as opposed to *there*, you know what I'm saying?"
"The *ether*! Why d'ya think you haven't passed on, why are ya a force ghost? You're dead, buddy, you've ceased to be, you're an ex-Quermian!"
"Well, dey don't got no bongos in de ether, mon, as far as I know. Not rum either."
"That can't be all. You must have some kind of reason to stay, not just a reason not to go."

Continue jah reading here, mon.


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