Sunday, July 03, 2005

Our Charter

Rules and Guidelines

The Frequency of Posts
Members shall post no less than once a week. Posts to the member's individual blog, team project blogs such as Survivor: Tatooine, or Star Wars Unmasked shall count towards this. If circumstances develop that will temporarily prevent a member from posting once a week, that member may inform the group that, for an amount of time specified by the member, that member will be unable to post weekly. In such a case, no action shall be taken against that member by the group.

Use of Grammar and Spelling
Members shall endeavor to use proper grammar and spelling on their posts to all related blogs, including their individual character blogs. Exceptions shall be made when the use of improper grammar and/or spelling is obviously intentional and done to further character development.

Members shall not use profanity, nudity, or any pornographic materials in their posts to any Star Wars Unmasked group related blog or on their individual member blogs.

Racism, Hateful Speech
Members shall not engage in racist or hateful speech on their individual character blogs or on any group-related blog.

Treatment of Fellow Members
Members shall at all times endeavor to treat each other with respect and civility, including but not exclusive of, when posting comments in blogs or forums, or writing posts for any group-related blog.

Linking to Star Wars Unmasked
Members shall link to Star Wars Unmasked on their individual character's blogs.

Guidelines for the Consideration of New Members
Applicants shall have no fewer than five posts on their individual character blog before being considered for membership. Applicants shall already be abiding by the above guidelines regarding the frequency of their posts, use of proper grammar, etc, before being considered for membership. If the requirements set out in this paragraph are being met by the applicant, the applicant may then be considered for membership by the group.
Once a week, the Membership Administrator shall present to the group a list of applicants, setting up an online poll where members of the group can vote to determine if any of the applicants shall be granted membership. The group shall have one week to consider new applicants. An applicant must have a simple majority of "yes" votes in order to become a member.
When reviewing an applicant's blog, the voting members shall consider the following:
Does the applicant exhibit strong writing skills?
Does the applicant seem to have an understanding of his/her character?
Does the applicant seem to possess a grasp of character development and have an idea of where to take his/her character in the future?
Does it appear that the applicant is committed to his/her blog and is he/she posting on it regularly?

Revocation of Membership
If a member is found to be failing to follow the above guidelines or committing some other act that harms the group, that member shall be considered for revocation of membership. If a member believes that another member's membership should be revoked, that member may inform the Membership Administrator by email. The Membership Administrator shall then notify the accused member by email that his/her membership is being reviewed for possible revocation. At the weekly date when new members are considered, the person bringing the case against the accused member shall present said case to the group. The member whose membership is in jeopardy shall also present his/her case to the group. The group shall then vote on the member's dismissal.
In order for a membership to be revoked, no less than three-quarters of the then-current members must vote in favor of revoking that membership. If there fails to be a majority of that size, the member shall retain his/her membership. No member shall be considered for revocation of membership more than once for the same infraction.

Guidelines for Posting on Star Wars Unmasked
1 Members will contribute their character’s most recent blog post, or a “teaser” of that post, to Unmasked on a regular basis. This will serve to draw readers into our story lines and entice them to visit our blogs. Members will be given a calendar indicating what days they will post.
2 Each member may choose, but is not required, to post a profile/bio. Please see this post for the format to follow. Members will not deviate from this format without email permission from the founding members.
3 Members shall not post anything irrelevant to the Star Wars blog project. Acceptable topics include: announcements of updates and enhancements to your character blog; notification of extended absence; ideas for new projects/story lines; important notifications for Survivor or other team blogs; announcements of outside work you want to share. Please keep all posts concise and always maintain a level of professionalism. The founding members reserve the right to delete posts that are deemed unfitting.
4 Constructive criticism, comments on a character’s blog and other personal issues should be handled via private email or on the Google group.


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