Monday, August 15, 2005

Author Profile: JabaFatboy

Character Name : JabaFatboy

Real Name : James Lindley

Age : 46

Gender : Male

Location: Illinois

Day Job: Industrial Sales

Q 1 : What made you start Blogging
Bill /Yoda 's family have been friends of mine for about 15 years. Recently his mom asked me if I had seen any of his work. After reading for a couple of weeks I thought that I would give it a shot myself. It seems like alot of fun and it's a good outlet for comedy and to show my funny side.

Q 2 : Why This Character
I figured that someone out there probably had the Jabba character, yet that was one I could find humor in being. Therefore I decided to be one of his nephews, and the "Fatboy" part is a nickname given to me by father-in-law.

Q 3 : Where do I get Ideas
Mainly from real life. Sometimes I play off of other peoples ideas, taking a portion of those ideas and going in a different direction. I also get ideas by reading the news. Its amazing the funny or serious things that you can find in print to put a humorous slant.

Q 4 : Any Blogging Tips
Don't be afraid to ask for help. A lot of smart people out there that are willing to help.
Don't be afraid to have fun. So what if a story flops? That's how we get better. Figure out what went wrong and build from there. Learn to laugh at yourself. If you don't see yourself as humorous, no one else will.

Q 5 : Where do I get pictures
I use Google Search, Netscape search, and various others. I try entering search words in different ways. I also look for unique search words to use. Also, I go to the end of the search list or middle of the list to start. Often I can find different things that way. I just downloaded GIMP. I will be trying to learn that program.

Q 6 : What was the last book my character read
He's a Hutt, so anything longer than the sunday funnies is too much time!
Oh wait, he did read Gungan Eggs and Spam to Shortlegs!

Q 7 : What is last book I read
Tess Gerritsen : Body Double. I am very much into who-dun-its .

Q 8 : Other Hobbies & Interests
Golf is probably # 1 . I will golf 2 times a week in warm weather.
Motorcycles are also among my interests. My wife and I have traveled to many American states as well as Canada via motorcycle.
Wood working is another one of my interests. I have a wood working shop in the back of my store and I build toys, jewelry boxes, candle holders, and furniture.

Q 9 : Other Blogs I have or work on
Starwars Crossword. I enjoy making crossword puzzles, and I thought it would be an easy way to direct others to my other site.


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