Monday, August 01, 2005

Author Profile: Palpatine

Character Name: Palpatine/Sidious
'Real' Name: Chris H.
Age: 37
Gender: M
Global Location: Orlando, FL, USA
Day Job: Customer Support Manager

Q1: What made you decide to start a blog like this?
Originally I was inspired when I stumbled across ‘The Darth Side’. I was truly entertained by the concept of what is going on in the Star Wars universe where George Lucas was not pointing his camera at the time. I later found Master Yoda and others that were doing the same, so I decided to jump in.

Q2: Why did you choose your particular character?
Palpatine/Sidious is probably one of the major characters that dominates everything that happens in all of the movies, and yet he had mostly a bit part until Episode III came along. I always wanted to know what his back story was, and since no one else had taken on that character in a blog yet, I figured it would be a good choice.

Q3: Where do get ideas?
Other blogs, life experiences, TV, movies, books, you name it.

Q4: Any blogging tips and tricks?
I like to compose my posts off-line in Word, then post them. It helps me to organize the story a little better, and read and edit before I post. I have made the mistake of posting something, then reading it and finding a mistake.

Q5: Where do you find pictures for use on your blog?
Google Images and

Q6: What's the last book your character read?
The Dark side for Dummies. He also likes the Harry Potter books and gets inspired by Lord Voldemort.

Q7: What's the last book you read?
Timeline by Michael Crichton.

Q8: Other hobbies/interests?
Computers, video editing, auto racing in almost all forms.

Q9: Other blogs you work on?
None at the moment, but that may change.


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