Monday, September 05, 2005

From Master Yoda's Blog - "Mashed Potatoes, Kenobi, and Scrabble"

Playing Scrabble with Kenobi I was today. But first, like to tell you about a great product you should know about, I would...

< commercial endorsement > Been very hot it has. Buckets, I sweat. Stained under the arms my robe can get. Very embarrasing it can be. That's why Force Guard w/Extra Sith Protection I use. Strong enough for a man it is, PH balanced for a tiny green person it is. Now the confidence I have to raise my arm when smiting down the Dark Side I am.</commercial endorsement>

Pay for the Dolly CDs some way, I have to. Expense it to the Jedi Order I can not, especially since caught me that one time the Order's accountants had.

Anyway, playing Scrabble with Kenobi I was today. Had a labotomy first I should have so that fair it would be.

"Spelled k-a-t, 'cat' is not, Kenobi."

"Are you sure?"



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