Tuesday, February 07, 2006

From Master Yoda's Blog: Mighty Bowl Party at the Jedi Temple

A Mighty Bowl party at the Jedi Temple we had tonight. Know what the heck is going on in this game, I do not. Run for a couple of seconds, then stop, all they do is. Know what the point is I do not. Anyway, playing againt the Ithor Iron Workers, the Wroona Womphawks were.

Rooting for the Womphawks, Young Skywalker was. Rooting for the Iron Workers, Kenobi was. The only ones among us who actually understand this game, those two are. Grasp the rules of Go Fish, Kenobi can not. Yet a complete understanding of all the convoluted rules of this game he has.

Just as confused by this game as I was, Windu was. "So they just made a 'tap-down'?" he asked.

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