Thursday, September 08, 2005

From Padmé's Blog: Road Trip

When Anakin and I arrived at the Palace, the place was seriously buzzing. We were escorted to Jamillia’s throne room where we found her looking, like, really worried.

Me: “What is it?”

Jamillia: “A hurricane has devastated Anirtak, a remote village on the far side of the planet. There are thousands stranded with no food, water or shelter.”

Me: “What? Why haven’t we heard about this on the Holonet?”

Jamillia: “Their communications are cut off. The story is just breaking now. People are angry, they need help immediately and I fear we are not equipped to provide assistance fast enough. It may take days, weeks.”

Sio Bibble spoke up. “I suggested to Queen Jamillia that you travel to Anirtak to help these people.”

Anakin flipped out. “What are you thinkin, G? She’s sposed to be in hidin an spit.”



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