Saturday, October 15, 2005

From Palpatine's Blog: The "coming out' party

I was somewhat anxious to try out my new clothes at a social gathering, and it just so happens that Master Windu was having a party at the Jedi Temple last night. Never one to pass up an opportunity to gather some intel on the Jedi order, I agreed to attend.

I decided to wear one of my new senate suits, with my speedos underneath just in case it turned into a pool party.

I planned to arrive fashionably late (pun intended), only to find all of the usual suspects had not shown up yet. I really need to get on Mas Amedda about my scheduling. He told me that the party was to start about 1800 hours SCT (Standard Coruscant Time), so I showed up around 1900. Apparently, the party was not to begin until 2100.

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