Thursday, March 02, 2006

From Captain Typho's Blog: Dirty Laundry, Part 1

Where: Big Brother house, Naboo. Laundry room.

Feeling: Like I haven't updated this journal in months!

Listening to: My ex-fiancée, Jardena.

It's been a quiet day in the Big Brother: Naboo house and since I have some downtime, I'm doing some laundry. Somehow I suckered myself into doing Jardena's laundry also. Don't ask. I find myself volunteering for all sorts of stuff when she's around.

A couple weeks ago when I first checked onto this house I wouldn't have predicted that we'd be able to do more than awkwardly avoid each other, but somehow it didn't turn out that way. Now we're falling into these suspiciously domestic roles. Part of me is going with the flow and enjoying being in this... bubble, or time warp, or whatever it is with her.

Another part of me wonders what's going to happen when we leave this house. I've tried to broach that subject with her, but our conversations tend to veer off in unexpected directions.



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