Saturday, November 05, 2005

From Captain Typho's Blog - Naboo: “Fifty-fifty”

Where: Kaadara, Naboo.

Feeling: Like this is my fiftieth post.

Listening to: Not listening to reason, that's for sure.

I sit back on the couch and as I watch the screen on the datapad on my lap, I think about the toxicology report from the vet and the separate investigation I’m doing online.

The analysis of the hand lotion Peko had ingested showed that it was comprised of various natural oils, fruit and vegetable extracts, water, some preservatives and a few unidentified minerals. A lot of common things are toxic to a dog, but in this case there was nothing that should have put Peko into a coma, then killed her. At worst she should’ve had a stomachache.

It was only in examining the tube for the tenth time that I noticed what should’ve been obvious -- the ingredients on the label (admittedly in very fine print) were not exactly the same as those on the report. Two plant extracts had been added, and one preservative had been substituted. There were also some minerals marked “undefined” on the report.

The discrepancies could be easily explained away. This could simply be a case of a company wanting to keep the formulas for its products safe from its competitors. It could be just my luck that I happened to pick up the one bad product ever sold at that spa... but I have my doubts.

I’ve abandoned the notion that the poisoning was accidental.



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