Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Palpatine: An unexpected visitor (Part IV)

I am awfully sorry, my master. You know how paint fumes affect my asthma, and I was going to originally stay with Grievous but he..kinda..threw me out…”

I don’t know how Dooku can say that paint fumes affect his asthma, but drowning himself in cologne doesn’t. I was thinking that a good shot of force lightning to his butt right about now would be appropriate.

Unfortunately, I still need him. My plan to turn young Skywalker to the dark side was unfolding, but the timing was not right. The republic needed Skywalker to become the Jedi that he was meant to be so that the new empire would have a war hero helping to keep things in line.

“So be it…Tyrannus…” I replied with a wave of my hand.

Instead of force lightning, I settled for a force wedgie.

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