Tuesday, October 18, 2005

From Captain Typho's Blog - "Haven't you heard the news?"

Where: At the federal building in Kaadara, Naboo.

Feeling: Nothing.

Listening to: A droid question me about how I lost my ID.

I hate droids.

And it’s not just because my planet was once overrun by their murdering hordes. Droids always seem to get in my way when I’m already pissed off about something.

After leaving the ship at the starport, I took one of the onboard speeders to the federal building to get replacements for the IDs and job-related I lost when I was pick pocketed on Ansion. This sort of thing can be done remotely, of course, but I wanted to expedite the process.

Did it go smoothly? No, of course not. The droid wasn’t satisfied with my explanation of how and where I lost government property. It also wanted to know why I hadn’t filed a police report on Ansion. I didn’t have a good answer for that one.

Anyway, I answered what I could and submitted the forms. I had to pay some fines.

I’ll probably have to go through something similar on Coruscant to report the loss of the various tags and IDs I use on a daily basis in the Senate building and 500 Republica.

That is, of course, if I go back to Coruscant at all.

I’m seriously thinking of handing in my letter of resignation. I’m tired of this life.



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