Monday, March 13, 2006

From Captain Typho's Blog: Dirty Laundry, Part 6

Where: Big Brother house, Naboo. Laundry room.

Feeling: It's a good thing Jardena put out that fire the Jawa started...

Listening to: My ex-fiancée, Jardena.

“The real question is, did anybody help anybody?” I snort.

“I made a leap of faith and decided she probably was who she said she was. I wasn’t convinced that Siri could still be at the resort, but I agreed to go along with Katt’shunch. However, I needed Dormé to stay at the starport. I didn’t trust the Ansionians to continue the ship by ship search without ‘Padmé’ in charge. I felt like such a user asking Dormé to stay there by herself, but I couldn’t think of anything else to do. I could’ve handled that better.

“I borrowed a speeder and Katt and I went out to the resort. On the way there I tried to communicate with her, to ask her how did she know I was coming with Dormé and what exactly did she know about me from Siri, but that got nowhere. You know how Yoda talks backwards? Well, all Jedi do in some fashion. Maybe they get it from him, or maybe it’s the nature of the Force, but they’re all difficult to understand. At least from my point of view."



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