Sunday, March 19, 2006

Shopping " Still The Same Day "

Man I can't believe how much effort Wifiepoo is putting inta this trip today ! I believe she is trying ta single handedly ruin the Galactic deficit on this one trip.

As we walked inta the Mall I began ta feel a little Sorry fer Shortleggs, I was the one that Chapped Momma off and she was gonna have ta suffer with the shoppin all day too !

So when Wifie was lookin the other way, I slipped Shortleggs 25 Credits and Tole Her

" Save Yerself While Ya Can "

The last I saw she was duckin inta the Huttcade !

We started at the Huttie Godiva Shoe Store. She found a pair of High Hutt shoes she just couldn't live without.

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