Tuesday, April 04, 2006

From Captain Typho's Blog: Dirty Laundry, Part 14

Where: Big Brother house, Naboo. Laundry room.

Feeling: My work here is done.

Listening to: My ex-fiancée, Jardena.

"I got the mask off of her and she was instantly awake," I say, snapping my fingers, "but her eyes looked glassy. She looked at me like, who are you? Then she saw Vos and she mumbled, 'Quinlan came back.' She sounded incredibly relieved."

I roll my eye.

Jardena winces a bit when I mention Siri's first words. "Well, they probably grew up together, so she was more familiar with him. When people wake up from chemical induced sleep, they tend to be very disoriented." She is still looking at me. "Did you find out anything from the suspects?"

"Not me. It was 'Jedi business' once they got involved," I say.



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