Saturday, November 26, 2005

From General Grievous's blog: The Youngling Found

If you remember, a while ago Master Sidious gave me an order to train a youngling in the way of the lightsabre. However, I was busy and had no time for him; in fact, I had so little time for him that I locked him in his room to stop him following me. Time wore on and I forgot about him, until today. Just before lunch my ship was hailed by a civilian ship requesting to land to discuss child cruelty.

"This is civilian ship Z0245-A requesting landing clearance and immediate cease to shield generation."
"This is General Grievous, what business brings you to the Invisible hand?"
"We wish to see the youngling under your tutorage General."
"You meant the FSYA student I locked in a room and is probably dead..."
"Pardon, I didn't catch that last part."
"Ahh nothing, come onboard"



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