Monday, April 10, 2006

Younglings & the Bored Game

What are you Younglings doing hanging around the kitchen ? Dont you have something that you could be doing?

We Are Bored NandeHi !

Its Saturday Morning, No Classes, No Training And You are Bored !
But you could be out learning new Jedi Mind Tricks, getting better at using the Force

Just sitting around starin at yerself in the mirror is not gonna get any more exciting !

We Just dont know what to do !

Well if ya keep sittin around here , I have dishes and Ironing that I could use some help with !

UHHH !! We will find somthin ta do !!

Hey guys , didnt Yoda bring home a new Bored Game the other day.

Yeah , lets try it out.

Where would Yoda have stashed it Obi ?

He always hides those things in his closet, thinks we are to dumb to look there.

I'll go get it.

I dont know about this , Yodas games are always weird, and Harvey usally ends up getting hurt.


Where did ya find it Obi, in the closet ?

Yep , Right under his bed where I figured it would be.

Ok lets Open this puppy up and see what we got here .



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